Saturday, 22 February 2020

 RAWhatsApp iOS v8.26 FmWhatsApp Remod Apk by Ridwan Arifin

RAWhatsApp iOS v8.26 FmWhatsApp Remod Apk by Ridwan Arifin

Download RA WhatsApp iOS v8.26 by Ridwan Arifin latest Version Fm WhatsApp Remod App By Nikkmods

What's New : 
- Base Update 2.20.11
- Enabled New Emojis
- New Design Menu Settings & Contact Info
- Moved Menu Starred Messaged & WhatsApp Web In Menu Settings
- Added +1000 Expired Day
- Removed Resizer Conversations & Actionbar
- Removed Emoji Variant

- Fixed And More
• Edit Reset display setting & info contact

• Emoji new iOS

• Tester anti expired s/d 2022

• Removed emoji varian One & Old

• Fixed counter Action Bar chat

• Fixed new group

• Fixed more...

Added an Option to Change Background Color of @ Mention

Added an Option to Change Color of Search Button

New Design of RA-Mods Settings

New Design of Contacts & Group

Extended Expiry of Mod Upto 2022

Removed Emoji Variants One Emojis & Old Emojis

Fixed New Group in Home Screen

Additional Automatically Reply to Messages.

 - Additional Time & Music Widgets (Slide Toolbar Sections)

 - New Emoji Smile Display.

 - Display of New Attachment Selector & Background Can Be Changed.

 - Starred Message Menu & WhatsApp Web Moved Dimenu Settings.

 - Photo Color Border Repair.

 - Change Photo Border Size.

 - And others

-Design Home Screen Like iOS.

-Design Icon Like iOS.

-Added Browser on Home Style Like Insta Stories.

-Added Resizer Conversations Row and Actionbar

-Added Bom Text In Conversation Screen.

-Added Hidden Bom Text, Broadcast List and New Group.

-Removed Emoji Changer FB and Android One.

MORE features Added By FM WhatsApp

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Package Name: com.WhatsApp (Unclone)

Package Name :- com.YoWhatsApp(Clone)

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