Sunday, 8 December 2019

WhatsApp Aero v8.12 Latest version WhatsApp Mod App Download By Nikkmods

WhatsApp Aero v8.12 Latest version WhatsApp Mod App Download By Nikkmods

Download WhatsApp Aero v8.12 Update Latest Version WhatsApp mod Apk By Rmods65

🔰🏆 WhatsApp Aero V8.12 👑🥇

✨  All advanced home screen styles were rebuilt.

✨  Added selected and unselected tab color.

✨  Added iOS Search Bar like iOS Design.

✨  Added new advanced home screen styles.

✨  Live Location bug fixed.

✨  Fixed some touch errors.

✨  Aero Privileges design files have been revised.

🔸 Base Update 2.19.291

🔸 Added Stories like Instagram (Instagram Homescreen Style),
you can enable it from Home Screen >> Rows

🔸 Added Disable clicking on "WhatsApp"

🔸 Added Attention when press on Airplane

🔸 Added New designs and color options added for the Aero Mods page.

🔸 Added Hide Muted Status update

🔸 Added Hide Viewed Status update

🔸 Added Hide Recent Status update

🔸 Added Anti Expiry +4 Months

🔸 Fixed Unread Message Counter Color Does not Apply

🔸 Fixed Widget Issue

🔸 Fixed Don't have enough disk Space

🔸 Fixed Status time + Group @ name color is merged with text color

🔸 Fixed Pinned chats now is 1000

🔸 Fixed More bug fixes and improvements!

🔸 Removed Auto Reply, Message Scheduler have been removed until i make the bugless version.

🔸 Updated Spanish language updated by MayDroid.

🔸 Updated Portuguese language updated by ClebersonJr (yModsX).

🔸 Updated Hindi language updated by Hari Mohan.

🌟More features and improvements!


>> Areo WhatsApp + --> (com.Areo)

Download For Second Number
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  >> Areo WhatsApp+ --> (com.whatsapp)
( Replace With Your Official WhatsApp :- First Uninstall Your Whatsapp And Download This)

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